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A Smoke Detector for Sound - Airbnb Simplified!

After Rezfest Las Vegas there was so much to catch up on and research! One company stood out among the rest, NoiseAware . I made the decision to try the product after discussions with current clients of theirs at RezFest. Decided to order a few and test it out.  The Devices arrived in a timely manner, nicely packaged with simple instructions. Shortly after the horrific Mandalay Bay Route 91 Harvest festival shooting took place and precedence over all else. We were dealing with an onslaught of instant bookings from people leaving the strip and cancellations from people who decided to cancel their trips. Soon after all airbnb records were collected and submitted to the FBI. Turns out the shooter had stayed in MY building during the Life Is Beautiful festival the week prior. During this period the FBI was in the building, national press outside chasing residents and guests were arriving to a building in upheaval. The building came together and worked to abide by new rules with

Airbnb Love Team Socks!

Airbnb Love Team - Be the love When you do something very nice like offer a full refund on a full month reservation when you don't have to even offer 10% back airbnb shares the love by offering you....  Socks, Jenga or City Print What a wonderful company culture!  What a thing to reward! Bravo.